What Are The Excellent Tips To Prepare SSC CGL English Exam?

For some students, English is a barrier to getting their dream job. However, it is all in your head. English is a subject that can help you to grab more marks in the SSC CGL exam. All you need to do is put in the best efforts to get excellent results.

You should start your exam preparation before the SSC CGL Exam Dates announcement so that you would have enough time to do your practice. Never start your preparation too late otherwise it will put you under pressure. Try to be ahead of the time while maintaining self-discipline.

If you pay enough attention to the English section, you can grab a good score indeed. The fact cannot be ignored that the English section is regarded as being one of the easiest sections indeed. It carries 25 marks in Tier-1 and 200 marks in the Tier-2 exam.

  • You should start reading a newspaper on a daily basis indeed. It would be helping you to be aware of the latest news and events that lead towards making your vocabulary quite rich. You will be having an excellent vocabulary if you go with this habit. You need to work on your vocabulary if you want to grab excellent marks in this section. The motto of this section is understanding your grammar and reading-related comprehension in a better way.
  • Grammar is needed to work on. You need to go with the Error Spotting section in the exam therefore enough practice is required before that. Phrase replacement is worthy to consider since questions come in the exam related to this. Apart from it, you also need to go with active passive voice, direct and indirect speech topics. Here, it is important to mention that these topics are quite important and interesting. They are sort of puzzle or quiz-oriented. If you love brainy exercise then you will love it. In the beginning, it might feel a bit tricky but later on, you will start enjoying it. This comes from practice.
  • Experts say that you should go with English to English dictionaries while doing practice. It helps to know words that are more new. To handle either vocabulary or comprehension parts, you are required to build up ideal reading skills.
  • You must go ahead to solve a previous year’s paper or a model test paper. It will help you to get an ideal idea in the context of the model test paper. Aspirants probably are learning so many things by doing this. You also have a clear picture.
  • Before answering any questions, you need to pay attention to what it is trying to interpret. You should learn the basic idea behind that particular question before jumping to an answer. Generally, students do not pay attention to this side. They just want to answer so quickly. When it comes to reading comprehension, you need to understand the entire theme of the passage and scan the question in an ideal manner. You should not hurry while trying to answer the questions. You should go with understanding the tone of the question. You should keep applying the method to figure out the answer.
  • You should make a habit of learning a new word every day by going with different sources including their synonyms and antonyms. You need to keep in mind that you have learned the usage of words as well as the formation of sentences. The more you learn, the more you get comfortable with it.
  • At the time of answering the questions where you probably get confused while answering the accurate answer. You need to go with the elimination method. You might be wondering what it is. To put it in simple words, it is easy. You should go with the elimination It means you need to go through the question and understand what is being asked. Then go with the options and check what’s meaning of the options seems similar to each other. You need to relate the options along with the question. Here, you should eliminate the options which do not seem to fit with the answer.
  • Apart from newspapers, you should go with different sorts of content to learn in a creative manner. Choose the subject or niche which attracts you the most. You should make a habit of reading more. You should go with your favorite content that you are never tired of reading. Choose your favorite niche and keep reading so that your understanding of English will increase. You will start thinking in English. When you read a lot, your way of speaking and writing is also improved.
  • Start writing your journal to work on your writing skills. Writing essays using excellent words can truly go in your favor. Improved writing skills will truly make you successful in this government job. If you are a proficient one then you go-ahead to use referencing words while writing and developing its written fluency. When you write on your own, you also get to explore different types of vocabularies. You want to go with different words. You start doing more experiments which makes you learn spontaneously.
  • When you go for an interview, interviewers expect you to be good at speaking. Apart from this, every field wants to hire candidates good at english speaking. Improving English pronunciation is also important. If you belong to an independent level learner then you practice pronouncing different types of English sounds including long and short “I” sounds. Apart from it, proficient level learners can also go ahead to practice different sorts of word stresses. It makes you good at speaking English.
  • A practice test is a must and it makes you confident too. It makes you able to understand what level of English you have. How much effort you need to put in to understand your academic as well as professional goals. You can figure out all this by trying a practice test indeed. It is quite important to get familiar with these sorts of questions. It will take your confidence to the next level and you will have excellent exam technique.

The most important thing is that you cannot avoid the English section at all. It comes in almost every government job exam. Instead of ignoring this, it would be great if you start putting in the best efforts to get good at it.

The Final Call –

Hope it helped you to understand how you need to do your English section practice for the government exam. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make an ideal decision.

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